How to keep your patients flea-free this summer

As creatures great and small emerge to enjoy the summer sunshine, now is a good time to give extra thought to some of the smallest ones, whose appearance won’t be welcomed by either your patients or your clients.

A more comprehensive approach
We’re talking about how to get rid of fleas on dogs, on cats, and in the home. As a trusted source for advice on flea control, veterinary professionals can benefit from introducing clients to a more comprehensive approach than one that’s limited to the usual meds, carpet powders and insecticide sprays. Especially when that approach also addresses the growing desire among clients for solutions that answer the question of how to get rid of fleas naturally.

The missing link is outdoors
To find the missing link in most flea-control efforts, look no further than the yard outside the client’s door. That’s where the majority of the flea’s life cycle – in the egg, larva and pupa stages – develops. The remedies mentioned above aren’t effective in this environment. What’s needed to support your indoor flea-control tactics is a defense that’s right at home out here: a product known as Flea Destroyer.

Flea-killing microorganisms
Flea Destroyer is a biological solution to a biological problem. It accomplishes flea pest control using beneficial organisms – the nematodes formally known as Steinernema feltiae and Steinernema carpocapsae. Native to soil, bark and ground litter, these microorganisms penetrate flea larvae and release bacteria that kill them before they can develop into adult fleas. They break the flea life cycle to end recurring future generations of fleas. Equally important, these particular nematodes are safe for people, pets and plants. They also won’t harm beneficial insects in the client’s garden, such as ladybugs, lacewings and praying mantis, as well as earthworms.

Easy to apply
Flea Destroyer is easy for clients to use. They simply add water to dilute the product, then apply it to their lawn and garden using a hose-end sprayer, pump or tank sprayer, or a watering can. A single container of Flea Destroyer treats approximately 2,000 square feet of yard under ideal conditions, or 1,000 square feet if the infestation is heavier. A single annual application is typically sufficient, although a supplemental treatment may be indicated for severe flea problems.

Naturally complements other solutions
Now being introduced only through veterinary professionals, Flea Destroyer enables you to offer clients a proven answer to recurring flea issues. It’s the kind of natural, chemical-free solution they increasingly seek. Easily stored for up to a year depending on temperature, Flea Destroyer can become a primary weapon in your flea-defense arsenal – a strategic complement to other products you may provide for immediate suppression of adult fleas.