How to Get Rid of Fleas

Now You Can Offer The Natural Solution Your Clients Really Want

Help your clients proactively fight recurring flea problems. Show them how to get rid of fleas naturally. By providing the chemical-free yard treatment whose beneficial microorganisms attack larvae to break the flea life cycle and provide lasting flea control for dogs and cats.

The Natural Way to Break the Flea Life Cycle

The Missing Link in Flea Control

It’s not surprising that many of your clients may be unable to prevent fleas, or stop them from returning over and over. The majority of a flea’s life cycle, which exists outside in the egg, larva and pupa stages, is beyond the reach of even your best recommendations for meds, insecticide sprays and carpet powders.

Flea Destroyer targets this key part of the flea life cycle. It lets you offer a natural way to protect your patients. By making it easy for your clients to eliminate fleas in their yards while they’re still in the larval stage.

Learn about the efficacy of nematodes for flea control here.


Break the Flea Life Cycle in the Yard

Widely used for more than 25 years, Flea Destroyer satisfies the growing desire of clients for chemical-free, all-natural formulations they can trust.

One container of Flea Destroyer holds 10 million microscopic beneficial nematodes (Steinernema feltiae and Steinernema carpocapsae) that naturally live in soil, bark and ground litter. Flea Destroyer nematodes:

  • Travel through soil and penetrate flea larvae.
  • Release bacteria that kill the larvae, and end the flea life cycle.
  • Kill before fleas grow up to bite – unlike products that target adult fleas.
  • Proactively deal with fleas introduced by feral animals.
  • Are safe for people, pets and plants.
  • AND harmless to beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, praying mantis, and earthworms.

Annual Application Keeps Fleas Under Control

Recommending clients treat their lawns and gardens once every year typically will be sufficient, although for severe infestations a supplemental treatment may be indicated. All they need to do is:

Introduced Through Vets

An introductory sales program for veterinary professionals allows you to offer clients a uniquely effective flea-control solution that complements other treatments you may offer. Contact Us for more information and pricing details, or order online today. You may also request that your practice be listed on our Pet Owner page as a Flea Destroyer provider.