Frequently Asked Questions

Details on Flea Destroyer and How It’s Used

Flea Destroyer is exclusively B2B. If you are interested in ordering Flea Destroyer for your yard, please find our retail partners here.

To order Flea Destroyer online with wholesale pricing, click here.  The minimum order quantity is one case, which contains nine boxes of product.  Four-box cases are also available, for a slight premium. For more information, including ordering a display or distributor pricing on larger orders, call us at 310-952-5047, email us at or complete the form on the Contact Us page of this website.

Unlike flea-control products that take effect when a flea bites, Flea Destroyer kills before fleas grow up to become biting adults. It also eliminates developing generations of fleas introduced by feral animals that are beyond the reach of treatments developed for pets and homes.

If you have used pesticides on your yard, wait two weeks before applying Flea Destroyer. If you have used essential oil products to repel fleas in your yard, wait 4-6 days before applying Flea Destroyer.

Flea Destroyer is committed to the safe arrival of our product so that pet owners can have confidence in its effectiveness. Our packaging has been designed to protect the beneficial nematodes from light, heat, and oxygen. We also take extra precautions, such as expedited delivery during the shipping process and refrigeration protection to ensure our product arrives and is stored in optimal conditions at our retail partner locations. We stamp the carton on the date it is packaged, good for one year in the refrigerator and 6 months at ambient temperatures.

One application of Flea Destroyer contains 10 million microscopic, beneficial nematodes (Steinernema feltiae and Steinernema carpocapsae) that naturally live in soil, bark and ground litter. The nematodes travel through the soil, penetrate the flea larvae that develop there, and release bacteria that kill the larvae. They reproduce inside of the flea larvae, increasing their population by 1000x with every flea killed, meaning that Flea Destroyer only needs to be applied once a year. By ending the flea life cycle before fleas can migrate to pets and homes, Flea Destroyer helps effectively end recurring flea problems naturally, without chemical pesticides.

Applying Flea Destroyer is very easy. Directions on the container describe how to add the vermiculite to a cloth bag (included) and soak the contents in 2-3 gallons of water for about an hour. Then, use a watering can, hose-end sprayer, pump or tank sprayer to apply the product to lawns, flowerbeds and other yard areas.

Flea Destroyer should be applied in the evening, because this will give the nematodes enough time to hide under the first layer of soil in your yard and protect themselves from the bright morning sunlight. Flea Destroyer nematodes are photosensitive, but this applies primarily to the application time.

We recommend applying Flea Destroyer at the beginning of your temperate season, so that they provide protection for the entire year, and reapplying after periods of extreme weather. You can get the most benefit from Flea Destroyer by using it as a preventative – stopping the flea problem before it starts. However, you can also use Flea Destroyer to treat existing infestations. Flea Destroyer is a LIVE product, so while it will be effective very quickly, drought or frosts will lessen Flea Destroyer’s efficacy. You can apply Flea Destroyer all year around!

OUTDOORS! In the yard, on the lawn, in your garden, underneath your deck.

Nematodes and fleas have co-evolved for millions of years – they have the same habitat preferences. Focus on areas that are shady, moist, sandy, and places where there is a lot of animal traffic. Along fence lines, your dog’s favorite shady patch in the backyard, underneath your deck where wild possums might try to make their nests…

Inside? Not unless you want soggy carpets! Nematodes move through the soil.

On my pet? Not unless you like the smell of wet fur! You could try, because nematodes are completely harmless to your pets, but they need about 24 hours to find and infect fleas. Once your dog dries off, the nematodes would stop searching for fleas.

Depending on the time of year, one application of Flea Destroyer provides protection for one year over 2,000 square feet. For severe infestations, we recommend concentrating the application over a smaller area (500-1,000 square feet). We recommend applying Flea Destroyer at the beginning of your region’s temperate season – either in early spring (after the ground has thawed), or in more temperate zones, in early fall (after periods of extreme heat).

In addition to being an effective preventative, Flea Destroyer can also be used to battle ongoing/existing flea infestations. Since Flea Destroyer fights fleas from the ground up, it will kill the next generation of fleas that are maturing in the soil. Flea Destroyer starts working right away (killing larvae within 24-48 hours), but you will notice the impact on your yard after about 6-8 days. Applying Flea Destroyer at the end of flea season will also help stop fleas from laying eggs and over wintering.

We look forward to answering your questions about how you can offer an effective, natural and planet-friendly solution for your patients and clients with Flea Destroyer. Simply call us at 310-952-5047, email or complete the form on the Contact Us page of this website.

Steinernema feltiae and Steinernema carpocapsae, the nematodes used in Flea Destroyer, will not harm pets, people or plants. They’re also safe for beneficial garden insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, butterflies and earthworms.

Flea Destroyer specifically  goes after insects with a larval stage in the soil. Many beneficial insects, like butterflies, have their larval stages above the soil, on leaves. Flea Destroyer nematodes are microscopic and hate the sun, so they hide under the first layer of soil or mulch that they can find. Other beneficial insects, like earthworms are not insects at all – technically, they’re annelids, or segmented worms. Flea Destroyer nematodes can’t break through the segments in a segmented worm, so they’re also harmless to earthworms. 

Flea Destroyer is available for pet owners through veterinarians and retail locations. Go to this link to find out where to order Flea Destroyer for your yard.

Flea Destroyer’s beneficial nematodes are some of the most ancient multicellular organisms on earth. They are naturally occurring in healthy soils all over North America – the problem is that, after nearly 100 years of spraying pesticides, we don’t have much healthy soil left. Applying Flea Destroyer is re-introducing fleas’ natural predator to their natural habitat. Flea Destroyer is adding life to your garden, to enhance natural biodiversity, and to balance the soil ecosystem to help keep parasites in check.

Our Flea Destroyer beneficial nematodes can have some effect on ticks; however, their primary target is fleas. The effectiveness of our nematodes on ticks may not be as significant as it is on fleas. If you’re trying to stop ticks, we recommend about a 10x concentration, which you can achieve by watering the same area with the nematode mixture for a longer period of time.