The perfect “flea speech” and why your clients need to hear it

Since fleas are a fact of life for patients and pet owners alike, veterinary professionals can help clients better understand the risks fleas pose and how to deal with them—often before the client is even aware of the problem. 1: First, a reality check First, you might begin your discussion by helping clients learn about […]

How to get rid of fleas – Find and destroy their favorite habitats

Where fleas thrive Veterinary professionals in the western and southern United States know that “flea season” continues year-round. While flea control for pets, homes, and yards remains a hot topic, it is helpful to understand where the flea problem begins, and that addressing the outdoor areas where fleas breed and thrive is necessary for preventing […]

Why you should add Flea Destroyer to your flea recommendations

It is a logical strategy to focus on eliminating fleas from your clients’ pets and houses. But it isn’t a truly comprehensive strategy. Controlling the flea population outdoors, before their hosts ever step into the home, will also help prevent recurring infestations. The key is to use an all-encompassing approach to flea control.