Why you should add Flea Destroyer to your flea recommendations

It is a logical strategy to focus on eliminating fleas from your clients’ pets and houses. But it isn’t a truly comprehensive strategy. Controlling the flea population outdoors, before their hosts ever step into the home, will also help prevent recurring infestations. The key is to use an all-encompassing approach to flea control.

Consider the big picture
Answering the question of how to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats requires looking at the big picture of this pest’s entire life cycle and the environment where much of that life occurs. Since the adult stage of fleas represents only a small percentage of the flea’s life-cycle (compared to time spent as egg, larva and pupa), attacking fleas before they fully develop should be a key component of a complete strategy.

An endless source of new fleas
The space outside your client’s home is a key area to consider. While flea medications, sprays and carpet powders may be an effective strategy for eliminating indoor fleas, lawns and gardens continue to serve as a perpetual reservoir of new fleas ready to hitch a ride back inside. Flea eggs may be spread both by pets and by flea-ridden feral animals who visit the yard.

A natural, chemical-free solution
Flea Destroyer was formulated specifically to eliminate fleas developing outdoors, before they grow up. It breaks their life cycle using a method that also answers increasingly common client questions regarding how to get rid of fleas naturally. Rather than containing a chemical flea agent, each carton of Flea Destroyer contains approximately 10 million beneficial nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae and Steinernema carpocapsae. These nematodes carry symbiotic bacteria that quickly kill flea larvae, which then become food for the next generation of nematodes.

Kill fleas before they bite
Flea Destroyer goes to work before the humans and pets receive their irritating bites. Most chemical solutions require the flea to bite its host in order to ingest the poison that will kill it. Instead, the beneficial nematodes in Flea Destroyer are the hunters. They actively locate and infect the flea, killing it before the flea has the chance to go after a blood meal from people or pets.

A laboratory-validated strategy
The potential of using beneficial nematodes as a flea-control solution has been recognized for decades. The efficacy of this approach was assessed in this laboratory study published in the Journal of Nematology.

Flea Destroyer has been formulated to make it easy for your clients to expand their flea control strategy to the outdoors. An annual application using a hose-end sprayer, tank sprayer or watering can is typically sufficient for most infestations, with a second application indicated for severe situations.

Part of a complete flea-control solution
Sprays, powders and prescription medications all play a role in relieving your patients and clients from chronic flea aggravations. However, adding Flea Destroyer to your recommendations will help your clients to prevent new generations of fleas from arising outdoors and prolonging the problem.

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