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Pets and Pests: Controlling Fleas and 250+ other pests!

From our homes to our gardens, insect pests can prove to be more than just a nuisance. These tiny invaders can be carriers of diseases and invaders of our personal spaces. The pests that put our pets in danger can be harmful to humans, too. To help us in our battle against these pests, nature […]

A Key Ingredient in a Better Solution for Flea Control

In this article, Dr. Natasha Lilly from the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT), addresses veterinarians about how Flea Destroyer can be a solution for their clients. We are so grateful for Dr. Lilly’s insights and contribution! By: Dr. Natasha Lilly Did you know that the biodiversity of healthy soils is akin to a rainforest […]